A Baseball Trivia Quiz for the Holidays

When I was 7, my second-grade instructor doled out an undertaking called “Christmas Is … ” We each made a little book and filled each page with an alternate method to complete that sentence. Christmas is giving, Christmas is love, Christmas is Santa, et cetera.


On one of my pages, I expressed “Christmas is Manny Trillo’s birthday” — which it was, obviously. How could I realize that? I was wild about baseball, and he was the second baseman for my neighborhood group, the Philadelphia Phillies. How might I not know his birthday?

Holding such incidental data, I soon acknowledged, was not ordinary. Be that as it may, what would i be able to let you know? At the point when baseball goodies go into my mind, they typically don’t turn out. I don’t know why this is, however at any rate I’ve influenced a profession to out of it.

So here is my blessing to you, the baseball fan in winter: a far reaching incidental data test to appreciate with that occasion egg nog. I made it 50 addresses in length, for the most part since baseball fans like round numbers, yet additionally to respect Charlie Morton of the Houston Astros, who wore No. 50 while finishing off the seventh round of the current year’s World Series at Dodger Stadium. Morton kicked it into high gear a ground ball to a respectable halfway point — Trillo’s position.

Upbeat birthday, old companion, and hottest welcome to all!

Answers are underneath the test.

Ways to the Hall of Fame

Keep perusing the principle story


Keep perusing the principle story

1. Which of these Hall of Famers never played for the A’s?

a) Billy Williams

b) Mike Piazza

c) Jim Bunning

d) Willie McCovey

2. Which of these Hall of Famers never played for the Giants?

a) Phil Niekro

b) Steve Carlton

c) Duke Snider

d) Goose Gossage

3. Which of these Hall of Famers never played for the Astros?

a) Robin Roberts

b) Nellie Fox

c) Don Sutton

d) Luis Aparicio

4. Which of these Hall of Famers never played for the Angels?

an) Eddie Murray

b) Orlando Cepeda

c) Frank Robinson

d) Hoyt Wilhelm

5. Which of these Hall of Famers never played for the Red Sox?

a) Fergie Jenkins

b) Juan Marichal

c) John Smoltz

d) Rollie Fingers

Group goodies

1. The two most noteworthy numbers to be resigned for players — 56 and 72 — were both resigned for individuals from the White Sox. Who wore those numbers?

2. Who played the most recreations in the historical backdrop of the Montreal Expos?

a) Jose Vidro

b) Tim Raines

c) Tim Wallach

d) Vladimir Guerrero

3. Who holds the Milwaukee Brewers’ establishment record for profession wins (117)?

a) Teddy Higuera

b) Ben Sheets

c) Jim Slaton

d) Pete Vuckovich

4. Who is the main pitcher to win a World Series amusement for the San Diego Padres?

a) Tim Lollar

b) Andy Hawkins

c) Andy Ashby

d) Eric Show

5. Which pitcher began the most World Series recreations for the Big Red Machine in the 1970s?

a) Gary Nolan

b) Jack Billingham

c) Don Gullett

d) Tom Seaver


1. Which four groups other than the Yankees did Billy Martin oversee?

2. Who was on deck for the Yankees when Aaron Boone homered to win the 2003 American League Championship Series?

3. Which pitcher won the primary standard season diversion and the principal World Series amusement at the new Yankee Stadium?

4. Which Yankee did not win a M.V.P. Honor in an A.L.C.S.?

an) Andy Pettitte

b) Orlando Hernandez

c) David Wells

d) David Cone

5. In the opening of the 1988 motion picture “Huge,” which Yankees pitcher does Josh Baskin profess to be?

a) Ron Guidry

b) Rick Rhoden

c) Dave Righetti

d) Ed Whitson

Normal names, unprecedented accomplishments

1. Give the primary name for every player named Williams:

an) Only player to hit 10 vocation homers off Bob Gibson

b) Scored on Kenny Rogers’ bases-stacked stroll to end the Braves-Mets National League Championship Series in 1999

c) Won the 1971 N.L. New kid on the block of the Year Award for the Braves

d) Hit a World Series grand slam for three unique groups in three distinct decades

2. Give the main name for every player named Smith:

a) Struck out for the Rockies to end the 2007 World Series

b) Managed the Phillies, Reds and Tigers from 1955 to 1970

c) Won the World Series with three unique groups in the 1980s

d) Allowed Tony Gwynn’s 3,000th profession hit, against the Expos, in 1999

3. Give the principal name for every player named Jones:

a) Leading victor (21-8) for the Yankees’ first title group, in 1921

b) Caught the last out of the 1969 World Series for the Mets

c) Won the N.L. Cy Young Award in 1976 for the Padres

d) First All-Star in Mariners history (1977)

4. Give the primary name for every player named Davis:

a) Won two N.L. batting titles for the Dodgers in the 1960s

b) Won the 1984 A.L. New kid on the block of the Year Award for the Mariners

c) Lost twice to Orel Hershiser for the An’s in the 1988 World Series

d) Allowed Randy Johnson’s just vocation grand slam, against the Brewers, in 2003

5. Give the principal name for every player named Jackson:

a) Hall of Fame shortstop for the Giants in the 1920s and ’30s

b) Was 8-20 for the 1962 Mets

c) Won Game 7 of the 1979 World Series for the Pirates

d) M.V.P. of the 1989 All-Star Game


1. Of the 16 pitchers to show up in 1,000 diversions, just four are left-handers. One is Dan Plesac. The three others pitched for the Mets. Who are they?

2. The Mets have had an alternate opening day starter in each of the last seven seasons. Name them.








3. The Mets utilized the main pick of the 1966 draft on a secondary school catcher, Steve Chilcott, who never achieved the majors. Who was picked second by the Kansas City A’s?

4. Which previous Detroit Pistons forward did the Mets beat in Game 2 of the 1969 N.L.C.S.?

5. Who made the most vocation begins for the Mets without beginning for them in the World Series?

a) Bobby Jones

b) Sid Fernandez

c) Craig Swan

d) David Cone

No-hitters and flawless diversions

1. Who are the main two pitchers to toss a no-hitter against the Kansas City Royals? (One out of 1973, the other in 2008)

2. No pitcher has tossed two impeccable diversions, however one catcher has gotten two flawless amusements. Who is he?

a) Joe Girardi

b) Ron Hassey

c) Jeff Reed

d) A.J. Pierzynski

3. Which current director influenced the last to out of an impeccable diversion?

a) Gabe Kapler

b) Mike Matheny

c) Dave Martinez

d) Craig Counsell

4. Which three pitchers have tossed no-hitters at Citi Field?

5. Who is the main Cardinals pitcher to toss two no-hitters?

a) Jesse Haines

b) Bob Gibson

c) Bob Forsch

d) Darryl Kile

World Series

1. Name the four stadiums (none being used for baseball any longer) that have facilitated the World Series and the Super Bowl.

2. Name every player’s group in his last World Series appearance:

Eddie Mathews:

Tony Perez:

Willie Randolph:

Eddie Murray:

3. Four noticeable individuals from the World Series champion 1992 Blue Jays had the initials D.W. Who were they?

4. Who has played the most amusements (2,831) while never achieving the World Series?

a) Rafael Palmeiro

b) Ken Griffey Jr.

c) Rod Carew

d) Ernie Banks

5. Which Hall of Famers made the last outs of the accompanying World Series?

a) 1956

b) 1962

c) 1975

d) 1984

e) 2000


1. Of the 17 pitchers picked first finished all in the draft, just two have no less than 100 vocation triumphs and an earned run normal under 4.00. David Price is one. Who is the other?

a) Floyd Banister

b) Tim Belcher

c) Andy Benes

d) Mike Moore

2. Just six No. 1 general picks have won the World Series with the group that drafted them. Who are they?

3. Which Hall of Famers were drafted with back to back picks in the second round in 1971?

a) Jim Rice and Dave Winfield

b) George Brett and Mike Schmidt

c) Carlton Fisk and Andre Dawson

d) Gary Carter and Dennis Eckersley

4. Which No. 1 general draft pick played the most amusements in the majors?

an) Alex Rodriguez

b) Chipper Jones

c) B.J. Surhoff

d) Harold Baines

5. Which future N.F.L. quarterback was not drafted by a M.L.B. group?

a) Steve Young

b) Tom Brady

c) Dan Marino

d) Colin Kaepernick

Other than Babe Ruth …

1. Other than Babe Ruth, name the four Most Valuable Player Award victors who have four-letter first and last names. (Insight: three in the 1970s, one in the 2000s.)

2. Other than Babe Ruth, who is the main player with no less than 600 homers and no less than two World Series titles?

3. Other than Babe Ruth, who are the main three players to hit three homers in a World Series diversion?

4. Other than Babe Ruth, who homered in the primary All-Star Game in 1933?

a) Lou Gehrig

b) Al Simmons

c) Frankie Frisch

d) Bill Terry

5. Other than Babe Ruth, who are the main two players with four 50-homer seasons?

a) Sammy Sosa and Alex Rodriguez

b) Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire

c) Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez

d) Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire

Arbitrary fun

1. The subject of the primary shading photograph over the crease on the first page of The New York Times was a baseball player wearing No. 1 in October. Who was it?

a) Mookie Wilson in 1986

b) Otis Nixon in 1992

c) Tony Fernandez in 1997

d) Bengie Molina in 2002

2. Which match of players were not conceived on precisely the same?

a) Greg Maddux and Dave Justice

b) David Cone and Edgar Martinez

c) Jeff Bagwell and Frank Thomas

d) Jorge Posada and Ramiro Mendoza

3. Who is the main player with 500 hits for four distinct groups?

a) Roberto Alomar

b) Rusty Staub

c) Gary Sheffield

d) Carlos Beltran

4. Which future N.B.A. Lobby of Famer was a dynamic individual from the Brooklyn Dodgers — however he never played a noteworthy class amusement — when the Giants’ Bobby Thomson hit “The Shot Heard Round the World” on Oct. 3, 1951?

5. Which three Hall of Famers were conceived on Christmas?


Ways to the Hall of Fame

1-c) Jim Bunning

2-a) Phil Niekro

3-d) Luis Aparicio

4-b) Orlando Cepeda

5-d) Rollie Fingers

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